Tissue imaging in Inflammation

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Makrophages; Source: S. Uderhardt, FAU

Millions of people in Europe suffer from chronic inflammatory diseases. There is therefore a strong research interest in deciphering the molecular resolution processes of inflammation with the aim to stop inflammation.

For three days, international inflammation researchers will engage in interdisciplinary exchange at the 2nd Resolution Days from April 1 – 3, 2020 in Bamberg.

Stefan Uderhardt (Erlangen) will give an exciting lecture in the session “tissue imaging in inflammation”.

In his talk „Visualizing Tissue Biology at Sites of Damage: Of Protectors and Effectors in Inflammation“, Stefan Uderhardt will highlight recent advances in using functional tissue-level bio-imaging to unravel the multi-layered regulation of the initial steps in an inflammatory response to necrotic damage, and will further discuss the tissue-protective functions of stromal macrophages.

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